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DXP Expands into the Water and Wastewater Markets with 7th and 8th Acquisitions

The DXP family grew a little larger this March with the new acquisitions of Drydon Equipment, Inc. and Burlingame Engineers, Inc. DXP Enterprises has acquired eight new distributors since December… Read more »

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The Importance of CCUS In the Oil and Gas Industry

In today’s faced-paced world of commerce and industry, emissions generated from natural gas recovery and processing can leave a significant carbon footprint on the natural environment. However, there is an… Read more »

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How Outages and Downtime Impact Industrial Distribution

Unexpected outages and unplanned downtime are the types of issues that keep facility management professionals up at night. This stress comes as no surprise, as these issues can disrupt business… Read more »

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5 Little-Known Benefits of Modular Process Systems

Industrial manufacturing is a constantly evolving area where optimizing your process systems can be the difference between an enhanced overall output and unwanted production setbacks. Modular process systems have revolutionized… Read more »